400 first deposit bonus

Get just as much as 5 your Deposits with Online Internet casino 400% first deposit bonus

First deposit bonuses are extremely popular since they grant you extra money. Isn’t that great? Instead of gaining 100 pounds, you get a double sum of money. Usually, it is doubled, but there are other, more generous options to benefit from, like a 400% first deposit bonus.

Instead of gaining your deposit x2, you get your deposit x4! There are some slight limitations to such bonuses since casinos can’t afford to give 10k pounds or so each time, but still, the bonus is amazing. Even if you deposit only 10 pounds, you get 40 pounds instead of your 10.

If a wagerer wants to have fun in a casino but doesn’t want to overspend, such bonuses are extremely useful. Usually, the owners of the casino make it simple for users and set a minimum deposit as 1 pound, and a maximum you can get is 400 pounds. For example, if you deposit 100 pounds, you get 400 instead. Sounds good!

You get a 400 deposit bonus, and you can wager the money you get. There are no limitations on wagers or on the type of games you need to choose. But there are other limitations concerning cash withdrawal. For example, all casinos online have a standard rule that is supposed to protect them from bonus hunters. Due to this rule, you can’t withdraw your bonus or money from your account at all.

First thing you need to do is to read the rules of a website concerning the rollover requirements. The rollover requirement for a 400% slots bonus might be wagering a certain number of times or a certain sum of money.

How Does It Work?

Usually, you get your bonus in a separate account. What does it mean? For example, you are playing an online card game or slots, you have a cashier section, which shows how much active money you have. Before you gain any bonus, the money you have is free to be withdrawn from that account. But when you activate a bonus, you get another cashier section near the main one. This is a bonus section.

While you are playing, your bonus is getting used, and pace by pace, this bonus is getting transferred to your main cashier section. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and depending on your luck, you get real money. You can’t just withdraw this 400% bonus, you need to play and wager, the winnings will be transferred to the main account. When you use your bonus, then you will be able to cash out.

How To Benefit From Using A 400% First Deposit Bonus?

Make sure you understand that the bonus always has a limit. As it was mentioned previously, most casino owners set a limit, which is equal to the percentage you get. For example, if there is a 100% bonus, a lot of casinos set a 100 pound limit. So, if you activate a code that grants 100 pounds maximum, then there is no point in spending more than 100 pounds as the first deposit.

If you activate a code that grants you a 400% deposit and it has a 400 pound limit, then there is no point in spending more than 100 pounds. When you deposit 100 pounds, you get 400 instead. But if you spend 500 pounds, you won’t get 2000 pounds (which is a 400%). You still get 400 dollars as a bonus, and your main account will receive 500 pounds. So the tip is to check whether the bonus has a limit. There are some casinos that have higher limits, and you can find the links on our web portal.

As for other tips, you might want to choose less popular games. They give less nice prizes, but you win more frequently. It is not rigged, this is how casino games work.

There are different rules for getting cash after you get the bonus. As it was mentioned, there is a rule when you can’t cash out your bonus. Casinos have nothing to do with charity, so they are not interested in just giving away money. They want you to wager, this is why you get bonuses. So there are two possible types of requirements:

  • You get your bonus step by step while playing and wagering.
  • You need to meet the rollover requirement.

The first option is clear, you just play, and your bonus gradually transfers to your main account. But it doesn’t mean you get all bonuses. For example, if you lose your 10 pound wager, you have 390 pounds to wager, and the lost 10 pounds disappear from your account. But if you win, it goes to your account.

As for the rollover requirements, they are simple. You either have to place wagers a certain number of times. For example, 50 times and the wager should be bigger than a set sum of money.


The very first deposit bonus is not only a way to get money, but also a way to have fun. Unlike games that simulate casinos, you have a chance to play for real money. A lot of players use such bonuses as a way to learn how to wager successfully. Since you get a nice boost at the beginning, you can win money. But if you lose your bonus – this is not a big deal since bonuses are not real money, you didn’t pay for them. So you have fun, but it is less painful if you lose.

If you plan to play and win, then you should always keep in mind that the online casino sites always have some limits on the money you gain. For example, if you expect to use a 400% bonus promo code and to get 2000 pounds for your 500 pound deposit, you might only get a 400 bonus. But some casinos have higher limits, for example, 1000 pounds or more. So do not overspend if it is not necessary.

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