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Mobile gaming is one of the rapidly growing sectors in the UK. The advancement in technologies has rendered it possible for top software developers and providers to transfer their most popular slot machine titles from desktop to mobile gaming platforms.

This provides slot machine enthusiasts with more flexibility and takes their convenience to another level as they are able to turn the reels of their favourite games from anywhere and at any time.

The type of operating system that your mobile device uses is practically irrelevant when it comes to gaming online. Top mobile slots and dedicated casinos are well-optimised to operate smoothly on all smartphones and tablets available out there, including Windows, iOS and Android.

Some of the most played slot machines have even been adapted for portable devices such as smartwatches and kindle tablets. Keep reading to find out more about mobile casino slots gaming in the UK.

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Introduction to Mobile Slots

Mobile phone slots are also casino games that can adapt and work smoothly on different mobile gadgets. Utilising great response designs, these games can work seamlessly on all screen sizes, just like they can on desktop and laptop screens.

Top slot machines from respected software providers have additional features that allow you to have the best gaming experience on your favourite device. Some of the features that mobile slot games have in order to provide you with high-quality gameplay include:

Vertical or Horizontal View

Many developers usually design and create their games to be played in a horizontal view. This view allows the games to offer the same gaming experience as that of their desktop counterparts. However, some developers have also designed mobile slot games that work effortlessly in a vertical view. This is great for individuals who love to play games on the go since it is easy to hold a portable device in one hand.

Touch Screen

Any mobile game worth your time needs to work effortlessly on a touch screen. In addition to this, it should also be responsive as the games on desktop computers. This means all the features, as well as buttons, should be big enough to allow you to tap with a finger or thumb.

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Mobile Slots VS Desktop Slots – Where Should I Play?

There are lots of debates in the online gaming circles as to what portable device should be perfectly used for slot machines. Earlier desktop games ruled the gaming market as they provided the feel of a brick-and-mortar casino. However, with advanced technology, smartphones and tablets with crisp displays have taken over.

Software makers have created online mobile slots that provide portability and privacy, two important factors that desktop platforms do not have. But, they aren’t suitable for intense gaming due to charging problems, something that desktop devices still do seamlessly. As a serious player, you might need to give both the mobile and desktop slots a try and only stick to the side that provides you with the best.

After all, playing games online requires patience and is a matter of choice. Choosing a gaming platform mainly based on reviews mightn’t be the most informed decision. Here are the advantages of both desktop and mobile slot games.

Desktop Slots Advantages

  • Faster loading time
  • Better graphics and bigger screen size
  • The desktop allows for multitasking
  • The environment of the room in which you set up your desktop device can help you focus on the slots and play longer
  • Uninterrupted internet access provides the best gaming experience
  • Desktops are designed to work with more complex programmes, so slot machines will not create any issues
  • 3D gaming almost feels like VR
  • You can play longer slot machines without any technical problems
  • More banking options to choose from
  • No power issues since the desktop device is always plugged in as it requires a constant supply of electricity

Mobile Slots Advantages

  • Phones and tablets are portable, allowing you to play from anywhere, anytime
  • You do not need to download additional software or apps in order to play. You can play through internet browsers.
  • 4G internet speed allows for faster loading
  • Faster transfer of funds
  • Provides the much-needed privacy
  • Using touch screen boosts the whole experience
  • Mobile gaming significantly reduces the clutter on the screen, helping you to focus more on the games
  • Mobile slots have more exclusive and better features
  • Ease of use
  • Cheap internet options

How Mobile Slots Work

All mobile slot games are based on the same structure, which includes paylines, reels and rows. Most of the betting options available to players are not only flexible but also agreeable. Understanding these elements is vital and below is what you will find in your favourite mobile slot machine.

  • Paylines: Across the slot reels, you’ll find the paylines. These are simply lines that cut across the reels. You will win prizes when you land matching icons on these lines. While classic games have between one and five paylines, modern video slots have anywhere between 10 and 25. Although, there are some that offer tens, hundreds or even thousands of paylines.
  • Reels: Also known as drums in brick-and-mortar games, reels are the cylinders that turn, and they’re covered with icons. A typical slot machine will have between three and five of them.
  • Number of Coins: The best mobile slots will require you to bet multiple coins. The amount of coins that you stake will be wagered per line.
  • Coin Values: Slots have different coin values as they allow you to adjust the coin size until you are comfortable with it. The values of coins usually start at £0.01 and can rise to a maximum of £10. You needto choose a coin value that fits your current budget before placing a bet.

You will need to adjust all these elements before you can press the Spin button. Alternatively, you can use the Autoplay button that allows you to spin the reels for a given number of times without any interruptions. Once you press any of these buttons, just wait for the reels to spin and withdraw your funds when you land a winning combination.

Types of Mobile Slots

Slot machine designers and makers are the primary sources of everything that we have prepared for this guide. Without them, players would be stuck playing the same old machines that Charles Fey invented over a century ago. While Charles Fey invented simple mechanical games featuring spinning images of fruits and three reels, the modern slots come in many varieties. The most common types of mobile slot machines include:

  • Fruit machines
  • Progressive slots
  • Classic slots
  • 3D slot machines
  • Multi-pay slots
  • Megaways slot machines

These games offer different types of features, ranging from paylines and reels to symbols and themes. Among them, you will find simple to play games such as fruit machines and those that come with top-notch graphics and amazing bonus features like video slots. If you want to enjoy huge winnings, then you can get your hands on progressive games. And if you want to take advantage of hundreds of paylines, then Megaways slot machines should be an ideal option for you.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Slots Casinos?

If you love gambling, then you must have come across different mobile slot sites. With many sites available to choose from, it might be difficult for you to select a perfect match. So if you cannot find a casino that will work perfectly for you or you’re overwhelmed by the many options available, there is no need to worry. This section has got you covered. Here are the most important features to look out for when choosing a mobile slots casino.

  • Generous and friendly bonuses and promotions
  • A variety of slot machines
  • Top-notch security measures
  • Reliable, safe and trustworthy methods of payment
  • 24/7 support services
  • Well-optimised gaming websites that work smoothly on all types of devices
  • Easy-to-navigate gaming platforms

Bonuses and Promotions

Throughout your time playing in the best online casinos, you will have lots of chances to claim different types of bonuses. The opportunity to play games without risking anything but with the chance to keep everything you win isn’t to be missed. And that is exactly what a no deposit bonus provides.

This is just one of the most popular bonuses available for you when you play slots on mobile devices. Other bonuses and promotions include free spins, matched deposit offers, reload deals, VIP rewards, refer a friend offers, free-entry tournaments, and much more. Keep in mind that all these bonuses and promotions have terms and conditions that you must fulfil to withdraw any winnings from them.

How to Win on Mobile Slot Machines

All slot games of a chance. And that means winning on them purely depends on luck. There’s no proven mobile slots UK strategy that will see you walk away with prizes. However, there’re some tips and things that you can do to increase your chances of winning at slot machines. They include:

  • Examine progressive slots carefully
  • Play slot games with low variance
  • Play at online casinos that pay
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions
  • Stick to the most popular played games
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